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We advise entrepreneurial personalities

“We have a professional responsibility to give our clients the best legal advice - and not only information”

– this is the credo of our law firm‘s founder. It has led to the development of our unit, founded in 1993 under the name "Diem & Partner Rechtsanwälte", into a nationally and internationally renowned law firm for business law advice and representation with offices in Germany, France and Turkey.

Since 2017, Frank E. R. Diem and two other attorneys – Dr. Wolfgang Bauder and Dieter Wolf - both of whom have many years of professional experience in large international companies, have focused exclusively on the area of national and international corporate and commercial law under the law firm named DIEM RECHTSANWÄLTE.

With our current setup, we are deliberately countering the trend towards ever larger law firm units with an alternative. Concentrating on business personalities who value the advice of our professionally and professionally experienced lawyers in complex factual and legal situations enables us to work with a small number of carefully selected professionals.

Nevertheless, we provide holistic advice in our areas of practice and also integrate our services into cross-disciplinary work with tax advisors, auditors and management consultants - preferably from the renowned Advoselect network.

We have been known in the market under the claim "individual. innovative. international." since 1985. At the same time, it describes our openness to any interesting issue.

Comprehensive solutions to complex needs and challenges drive us

DIEM RECHTSANWÄLTE focuses on two elementary areas of business law:

The entire spectrum of corporate law (company formations, M&A advice, succession planning under inheritance law, etc.) as well as the law concerning the contracting with board members and managing directors.

Each of our attorneys attends to his clients personally, on his own responsibility and comprehensively. This is how we create faith - the fundamentum of any fruitful cooperation.

Problems that do not belong to our core competencies are handled through cooperation with tax and business consultants, notaries or patent attorneys as well as specialized attorneys in law firms with which we have long-standing ties and our international network "Advoselect®".


For us, internationality means above all cross-border legal know-how. That is why many foreign companies have placed their trust in us over the years - and we are proud of that.

Alternative dispute resolution, especially in the field of international arbitration, is one of the challenges that we - as lawyers as well as arbitrators - gladly take up.

We are in constant exchange with other law firms for the handling of multidisciplinary and transnational issues. We are well linked-up with tax advisors, auditors, management consultants - and above all with colleagues from the international network "Advoselect®", which Frank E. R. Diem initiated and of which we have been a founding partner since 1991.


In order to get to know our clients' industries and markets from the ground up, attorneys of the firm holds honorary positions in associations and organizations. This gives us information about current issues as well as the environment of our clients - an important prerequisite for the goal we want to achieve together with and for our clients: Optimal legal solutions.

Your lawyers

Our qualities: Comprehensive legal expertise, passion for legal matters and commitment to providing the best possible advice and representation.

Frank E. R. Diem

Rechtsanwalt (Attorney-at-law). Bar-Appointed Specialist in: Corporate Law.


Company and Corporate
M&A Transactions
Corporate Compliance  

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  • zahlreiche Zeitschriftenbeiträge seit 1985
  • Postgraduate University Lecturer at "Oberlandesgericht Stuttgart"
  • Lecturer at the faculty of law of the university of Tübingen
  • Chairman of the Stuttgart Bar Association (2006-2012)
  • Federal Chamber of Attorneys (PR-Gremium; 1996-2006 and as from 2012 Chairman of the quality management board
  • Federal Chamber of Attorneys (PR-Gremium; 1996-2006 and as from 2012 Chairman of the quality management board
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  • IBA (Section for Business Law)
  • DAV (Working Group on International Legal Relations))
  • German-American Lawyers Association
  • Juristische Gesellschaft / Law Society Uni Tübingen (Member of the Board until 2018)
  • Advisory board activities in companies


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Dr. Wolfgang Bauder

Rechtsanwalt (Attorney-at-law)

Mergers & Acquisitions
Corporate law
Group law

Doctorate: 1988 Tübingen

Gustav-Siegle-Strasse 28
D-70193 Stuttgart
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Dieter Wolf

Rechtsanwalt (Attorney-at-law)

Specialization: Insurance law

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D-70193 Stuttgart
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DIEM RECHTSANWÄLTE - specialized in commercial law

We also assist our clients in legal matters in other areas by recommending reliable specialists with many years of experience. At the request of our clients, these specialists regularly report to us on the state of affairs so that possible implications for other issues can be identified. The same applies, of course, to cross-border matters. Worldwide.

Corporate law

Corporate law is a complex matter, which is regulated very formally and therefore requires not only good ideas, but also very careful implementation in contractual formulations. Whether a partnership or a corporation, a competent advisor is able to recognize diverging interests of individual shareholders and to propose solutions that provide an effective framework for the shareholders involved, appropriately involve the managing directors and also contain clear provisions in the event of a shareholder dispute.

With our senior partner Frank E. R. Diem, who has also been an applied specialist lawyer for corporate law for many years and has been named one of Germany's best corporate lawyers by the Handelsblatt® since 2013 - every year without interruption- our corporate law department has the expertise to establish, structure, reorganize or dissolve a partnership [GbR, Partnerschaftsgesellschaft, OHG, Kommanditgesellschaft (KG)] or any form of corporation [Unternehmergesellschaft (UG), Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH) or Aktiengesellschaft (AG)]. Of course, we can also assist you with the formation of companies abroad (within and outside Europe), or carry out the formation ourselves.

Business foundation

You would like to establish your own company or spin off a part of an existing company as an independent company? We will be happy to advise you on the choice of legal form and the implementation of the company formation. As your stakeholders, we will also organize any venture capital transaction that may be required and draft the service agreement for your managing director.

Our services

Arbitration and ADR

For many years, companies have preferred out-of-court solutions to lengthy and often expensive court proceedings. The techniques used for this are summarized under the term "alternative dispute resolution" (ADR).

„Arbitration" refers to arbitration proceedings. These are formal proceedings before private courts that can be conducted outside the state courts according to nationally or internationally recognized rules. Arbitrators and party representatives can be selected on the basis of expertise and professional competence. Without the risk of public court reporting, they can help to bring disputes to a decision quickly and often relatively inexpensively.

Our services


We are looking forward to your inquiry. You can send us an e-mail to info(at) - or simply call us.


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